1. Main character in the Series The Legend of Zelda: being a girl who appear on the popular game series appearing on multiple incarnations of different games sometimes being a cool and awesome independent in-depth character with an nice personality in other tittles being a damsel in distress with no in-depth. She appears on multiple Zelda games despite a few like LA or tingle spin offs. Generally she is captured by Ganondorf and needs Link to save her to save the world from Ganon as the history says. In fandom she could be depicted as one of Link's girls because that in almost every game they meet and grow some bond. generally the coolest princess in video-game history

2. A girl named Zelda witch is very cool & smart or a girl who is just very cool and smart.

3. A very annoying smash bros ultimate payer who plays Zelda and spams projectiles
1. Princess Zelda is an very good character in her breath of the wild incarnation, she has a very sweet personality.

2. You are like princess Zelda gurl

by anonymous Zelda fan. May 5, 2021
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Princess Zelda is the prettiest princess of all time alot better looking than Princess Peach. She also is the charachter who needs saving by Link in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time when Ganondorf captures her & takes over Hyrule. She has powerful magic spells that you mainly see in super smash brothers melee & she also transforms into Sheik in Ocarina of time & super smash brothers melee. Sheik helps Link in Ocarina of time & in super smash brothers melee shes wicked fast & has an amazing fighting style.
Princess Zelda is the coolest chick a hero could save in a game
by Enchantress May 13, 2006
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A slutty whore in the Zelda Series of Video games that often poses as being in trouble because of ganondorf (Actually her child from when she got screwed in the backseat of her dads carriage.) To get ahold of link and sexually please herself. She takes it up the ass from him every time he "saves" her. And his biggoron sword doesn't usually break when he does this. These actions are usually omitted from the games.
Princess Zelda: "Ganon, Kidnap me so I can have some of links hylian cock"
by Xerovis September 23, 2007
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A sexual position/adventure best undertaken by three persons. One individual, preferably the hairiest of the three, hereafter referred to as "Ganon", must “kidnap” a second individual, hereafter "Zelda". The third individual, hereafter "Link", thus embarks upon a quest to "rescue" Zelda.

The use of various "items" that can assist Link in "rescuing" Zelda or "stopping" Ganon may add some intrigue. They should be erotic in nature and left about the "dungeon" so that Link may utilize them to the best of his/her technical ability.

Most importantly Zelda is not allowed to aid Link or hinder Ganon in any fashion until the very end. The recommended code of conduct for Zelda is to act as she does in many of the video games: Do Nothing, at all. Ragdoll.

Victory Conditions:
At this point Link would use whatever has been agreed upon as the "Master Sword" and he and Zelda may "Banish" Ganon in whichever way he/she finds most appealing.

You may, in the course of roleplay, choose to discover that Ganon isn't such a bad guy. In this case the two may put aside their differences and work together to "rescue" the princess in the method that proves most effective.
"This weekend my girlfriend, her Pilates instructor, and I were playing The Princess Zelda and he almost won until I pulled out my Master Sword and smote him."

"I'm feeling a little kinky, would you boys like to play 'Mousetrap?'"
"Nah, Dan and I played that last week; he got the cheese. Let's play The Princess Zelda."
by linkgenesis January 27, 2013
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