a tall human being who makes fun of small human beings because they are jealous that they are average heighted people and not tall bitches
"Ayo that guy is such a giant"
"I know he bullied me last year"
"lets get our average heighted friends and beat him up"
by Oscarboi420 April 11, 2019
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a grocery store, similar to safeway and other grocery stores around the nation
yo lets go to giant to get some food bro
by No-Yes January 25, 2005
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Super bowl 43 champs w/ located stadium in New Jersey
Yo did you see the Giants kill the Patriots?
by Joey man February 05, 2008
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A reely reely big thingamajig! Says me Martin Mathers!
Seto Kaiba is a Giant wussie!
by M. Mathers February 24, 2004
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The word that men use to describe their penis
Dude I have a giant dick
by ImTurtleZz August 22, 2019
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