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A prominent typo of "turrets" in many games, particularly Infantry.
Herthbul> rofl my nade missed all the turrents
by Homsar June 21, 2004

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Hoo hoo... where does one start? A white little egg of a thing wearing a blue lampshade with his name on it. Often sports very manly hat that flies off his head when he says his common nonsense.
Homsar was born through a remake of a song from the sixties. While the identity of his parents is unknown, he was graciously raised by a cup of coffee, who did the best possible job. At the age of drweheheheheh, he made his way to Freetown, USA, via the Peaches. Shunned from the town after having a weight dropped on him by Strong Bad, he often hides out in the background, but one who showes appreciation to him by holding down TAB in cartoons and clicking on the yellow area can find him.
His best friend, Strong Sad, enjoys board games with him, though Homsar has trouble understanding the concept of most of them. He has only celebrated two Halloween holidays in his lifetime, and while he still thinks that a pumpakin is an eggplant with a spoon taped to it, and he only enjoys treats such as shaving creme, old candies, and especially wrenches, he chooses popular costumes such as Wimpy and Ghost Dog.
He was last spotted at the Strong Sad Look-Alike contest, hosted by Coach Z, where he cried on the inside.
What's the deal with Homsar... Kerrek, PA.
by Homsar September 01, 2003

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a mean mofo who will never hesitate to give you the deuce or the more powerful, patented "Double Deuce"
"Hey Strongbad, what ya got there behind your back?"
"A single deuce? Deuce."
by Homsar May 07, 2003

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A guy who can jump no more than an inch off the ground (thank Super Kingio Bros.) and likes butter. He looks like a lumpy marshmallow and tried to lose weight using Strong Bad's exercise tapes.
Dodododododo dodododododo dodododododo dodododododo... King of Town!... Hooray!!!
by Homsar October 27, 2003

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marshmallows that are orange and black flavored. Tell montenegro that theyre stackable, they'll scare your dad, and the punks next door won't know what hit them when you give them a satchel-full of marshmallows. Homestar got a weird eyeball that makes an eyeball sound for doing the commercial.
sorry... must have got a toenail caught in my throat!
by homsar October 29, 2003

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Strange version of Strong Bad, never really became famous. Lazy and has a combover. For other Strong Bad wannabes, see Sir Strong Bad or Stinkoman.
I hope you get all my particles...
by Homsar June 20, 2004

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The act or the process of removing scabs onto people.
That bitch totally deserves a scabbage treatment
by Homsar January 24, 2004

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