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Bullshit, preposterous, unheard of...used commonly in the Old english language. refer to bullshit or preposterous
person 1: 'ello ol' chap, howd you do on that test, i got an A.
person 2: thats a bunch of hoppycock
by No-Yes January 26, 2005

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Mike "Chief Champion" Brusoe's word basically meaning the opposite of scoop. Which means it is not a good thing.
Matt :hey brusoe do we have school today?
Chief Champion: yea, we do, but frederick county has off, thats a big damn NEGATIVE SCOOP!
by No-Yes January 25, 2005

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Mike Brusoe's term for general texcitement, or to be completely random, and in some cases, annoying, but seldom does that happen. just say it out loud, it makes you feel better
matt: whats up chief
Brusoe: SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!(say it in a high pitched voice or in a funny voice to make it that much more hillarious)
by No-Yes January 25, 2005

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shortened form of shibby meaning in agreeance to any statement made. or just to be completely random and say it whenever you please
man 1:"yo man that green we had the other night was the shit, i dont remember anything that happened!"
man 2: "shib"
man 1: We dont have school tomorrow!
man2: SHIB!
by No-Yes January 25, 2005

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a grocery store, similar to safeway and other grocery stores around the nation
yo lets go to giant to get some food bro
by No-Yes January 25, 2005

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