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a tall human being who makes fun of small human beings because they are jealous that they are average heighted people and not tall bitches
"Ayo that guy is such a giant"
"I know he bullied me last year"
"lets get our average heighted friends and beat him up"
by Oscarboi420 April 11, 2019

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laith is gay, he sucked my wrinkly nuts
by Oscarboi420 November 28, 2019

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android is the most garbo phone ever on this planet earth and is the bitten spat out part of the apple logo and is a disgrace to humans and has the most garbage lasting battery ever
friend: "yo i got android phone"
Me an intellectual: *smacks phone on ground and poops on it*
friend: "thank you"
via giphy
by Oscarboi420 April 12, 2019

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