to be excessivly ghetto. By description of, but not limited to, dress, speech, or manner.
If I ever saw korey dressed all pimped and ghettofied, I would not be able to contain my laughter.And his friends would probably pee on themselves.
by maegis June 16, 2004
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to rig something in a haphazard style, with minimum funds to work with; often looking obnouxious to a neutral observer.
Johnny Ghettofied his trash can so the coons couldn't get in
by bug April 11, 2003
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when something is in a ghetto, or is similar in physical appaerence, it may be said to be ghettofied.
by phill October 23, 2003
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to make something look like its from the ghetto
I'm going to ghettofy my new car!
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
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The word the is too ghetto and far to cool for a definition.
Kid 1-"Kiah is so cool and ghettofied!"
Kid 2-"Look at Andrey so ghettofied!"
by Lauren2244 July 29, 2011
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* When something is made up of materials that are other than the materials meant for such a thing.

To put it a bit clearer;

* Something you made up on your own, out of whatever materials you had laying around somewhere, in replace of the original needed materials for such a project.

* Can also be the act of being resourceful enough to make what you need out of any materials you may have at your disposal.
Jack didn't have a wallet, So he made one out of Duct Tape. That is one Ghettofied wallet!

Sue Didn't have a fly trap, so she made one out of tape and sugar. That's so Ghettofied!
by KUSHNOTBUSH August 12, 2008
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The process of becoming ghetto through associating with "ghetto" people.
While associating with ghetto people you obtain their slang, mannerisms, attitude, swagger, etc. and therefore become ghettofied.
by Plutoh January 06, 2012
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