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" good game good luck"

phrase that gamers write at the start of the game. it is combined of the two phrases "gg" and "gl" but is spacesaving as you dont have write the extra space and extra g, "ggl" vs " gg gl "

when saying " ggl " at the beginning of a game you are suggesting you might believe you are going to win the game as you are writing "good game" allready, or you might just wish for the game to be a good game.

the "gl" is wishing your opponent good luck.
NozG: ggl
Dendi: gl ? I dont believe in luck. luck is for noobs!!

NozG: ggl
LighTofHeaveN: haha... why you say gg ? you dont have any chance vs indigochild
by realnozg June 04, 2012
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short hand notation for the word giggle. used instead of lol in any written conversation
in response to anything that made you laugh: ggl
by dooger52 February 08, 2009
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stands for giggles often used on msn, if you didnt lol (laugh out loud) and you giggled

person: (funny joke)
person2: lol
person: (funnier joke)
Person2: ggls!

by hazza3 August 23, 2008
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Ownage Warcraft 3 clan originating on USEast. It first became a pwnage sign of Good game Losers directed to the stubbern leaders of CF but over time slowly changed to Good Game League for tournament and sponsorship purposes. An insult and perstegious word one.
"Your hero has been slain"
Good game Loser!

"omfgooses your in which clan?!?1"
GGL bitches.
by Asmodeus September 06, 2004
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GGL is an internet acronym for giggle. Usage is similar to LOL or ROFL. GGLS, GGLZ, and MEGAGGLZ are also used when appropriate.
by tehstupid June 03, 2009
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