If I were to cheat on my special lady, it would definitely not be a GFE
by Panchoman Jr. October 25, 2006
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Girl Friend Experience

1. Shows up and acts like she wants to be there.

2. Deep french kisses.

3. Bare Back Blow Job.

4. Stays and provides service for the full hour.

If all four criteria are met the provider is known as a GFE.
Jaime is an excellent $200 GFE in the South Florida escort market.

That freaking agency said she was GFE but all I got was a lame CBJ, peck on the cheek,some doggy, and she left after 23 minutes.
by JohnIforgotmyname June 15, 2009
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A "provider" that provides genuine intimacy as well as
sexual services making the "client" feel as if they are
with a partner not a pro.

Including but not limited to:
Oral sex without cover,
Long and deep kissing,
Lots of eye contact,
Intimate conversation,
The desire to please,
P.U.P. is 100% GFE. :)
by P.U.P. July 06, 2010
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Girl-Friend Experience. A shorthand term for a package of several physical & emotional extra services that a female escort will offer. Physical services will include BBBJ (fellatio without a condom), kissing (either deep or light french kissing), and of course intercourse (full service). Emotional services may include: talking, cuddling, and caressing. "Light" or "Safe" GFE means basically the same thing, but with condoms involved in all physical aspects, i.e. no bareback anything.
Mitt: Brittany advertises herself as a GFE escort. I wonder if she will do a blowjob?

Barry: Well, if it says she's a GFE, then that means yes.
by bbbl67 December 12, 2012
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Service will include bbbj, deep kissing, and option to eat the pussy out /69.
"Yes, I'm GFE."
by missnixxon November 23, 2016
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Long before websites, forums or e-mail I was one of the first to coin the term GFE. Back in the days of 300 baud phone connections, packet readers from newsgroups such as sex.alt.prostitution. Before GFE got selfishly perverted by men customers, it had nothing to do with high health risk sex acts. We know now the HIV risk is almost nil but there are lots of other nasty's one can get from unsafe, unprotected sex.

GFE meant a human connection for the moment girlfriend like more on a total level, emotional for the moment (yes it does happen other than a woman's body just a fxx and suck machine.) To me its expressed via sensual caring intimate touch which to me is far more fulfilling than just a sex object. When done legally of course I enjoy more intimate sexuality.

If you care about the G (irl) as a F (riend) you obviously would want to use a condom to protect herself and you want to be sure she uses one on all her customers. Many STD's have no obvious signs and if you care enough about your own health you would also want to always use a condom.
Seek GFE

Dave notes to U.S. readers this does not apply in the U.S. we don't have the sexual freedoms most of the world enjoys and can never discuss any sex acts for money unlike in Canada etc.
by daveinphoenix February 14, 2011
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