Something you did 15 years ago and haven't came back since.
Guy1. Wheres you dad.
Guy2. getting milk from the local convenience store.
Guy1. Bro that was 15 years ago. You got to let it go.
by Webake February 21, 2021
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Being masturbated to orgasm (male).
It's much more fun to 'get milked' than it is to slap the snake by yourself.
by Daggitt January 24, 2007
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When a man is on all fours and a women strokes the cock
Man, I felt full of cum so i had her milk me! I enjoyed getting milked
by Loso T March 16, 2014
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when a man is in the doggy position and a girl jerks him off from behind
Matt told his girlfriend he wanted to get milked at the party.
by Natasha Nikolov July 21, 2020
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Expression said shortly after owning another player/team/noob/teammate in Halo 3/Blitz/Smash
Josh: Dude you killed my whole team!

Brian: Get milked kid!
by D1SN October 14, 2008
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dad: "hey im going to get milk, be back soon"

6 years later: *still gone*
by cheesyalfredo September 26, 2020
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When a dad breaks up with his family and leaves his partner, he'll say that he's going to the store to buy milk or cigarettes, but then they'll never come back.
Dad Went To Get Milk at the stor when there was the 100% off sale!
He never came back...
by AQUALIME April 10, 2021
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