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When a dad breaks up with his family and leaves his partner, he'll say that he's going to the store to buy milk or cigarettes, but then they'll never come back.
Dad Went To Get Milk at the stor when there was the 100% off sale!
He never came back...
by AQUALIME April 10, 2021

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A very smol pp that's 1 inch long, more of these pp-length terms include: Meter Peter (one meter long ) and

a Mile Pile (a huge pp one mile long).
Joe got a One Inch Pinch!
by AQUALIME April 08, 2021

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usually a middle aged, blonde haired women with bob hair cut. Who makes drama everywhere and feels entitled, and thinks she more deserving then everyone else, they also have a big "no video policy" so that them being dumb doesn't go on the internet for people to make fun of. This also shows that they know their being dumb.
Karen: *Not wearing mask*.
Manager: Umm, you have to put it on because of safety protocols.
Karen: I have a medical condition!
Manager: I'm calling the cops then.
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by AQUALIME April 15, 2021

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Someone who ruins a party by not participating in something, or not making the party not fun in some way. Or doing stupid stuff to get attention and accidentally doing something bad and now everybody hates you even more.
Jimmy's such a party pooper, He recked our squad in fortnite. And now he's blaming it on me >:(.
by AQUALIME April 11, 2021

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DTF is an internet Acroynm for: Down To Fuck?, which is really only casuall sex,"fucking" as sex.
Person1: You DTF?
by AQUALIME April 11, 2021

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Originally meant for Telling your dad, an older am or a friend named "Chill", to relax.
But then everybody started saying it for no reason.
Male In An annoying High Pitch Voice: DaDdy ChIlL
Other Person:* Annoyed Because because he literally says it for no reason other to be funny which hes not*.
by AQUALIME April 09, 2021

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