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The predicament whereby the motivation to fetch that delicious chocolate snack is outweighed by your desire to remain where you are (likely to be on the computer or on the couch in front of the TV)
Mark: "Look at all the chocolate in this fridge, I can't believe you're not a fatass David"

David: "I couldn't be bothered going back into the kitchen after fixing my 2 minute noodles for dinner, I guess I'm just too lazy to get fat"
by DeKrow May 15, 2007

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The feeling that you're using sandpaper despite the fact you've purposely gone out and purchased the most expensive, softest, quadruple ply toilet paper that you could afford.

This feeling often occurs after overindulgence on spicy foods, or curry's such as vindaloo.
We had a heap of curry left over from the party on the weekend and I've been having it for lunch the last three days and now I've got the worst case of grindaloo
by DeKrow May 15, 2007

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An average Quake 3/Rocket Arena 3 clan who, due mainly to the time limitations that come with age and responsibility, are no longer the l33t players they may have once been. They play for the love of the game, and those brief moments whereby their former glory may be recaptured, even if only very briefly.

We play by our slogan "Putting the fun back in Gaming", since we offset our lack of eliteness by spouting witty remarks (whilst waiting to respawn).

We have a loose affiliation with the C-UNiT basketball team, since we were both created at about the same time in the same city, and with the same capitalisation, but, remarkably, completely independently.

C-UNiT, whilst being the obvious 'hiding in plain sight' of the C word, is also supposed to signify, in self-effacing style, that we are The B Grades B Grade, ie C Grade, and hence C-UNiT....
"C-UNiT? that bunch of randoms couldn't hit a barn if they were inside it"
by DeKrow March 21, 2007

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