This is from one of those dumbass "Above the Influence" commercials where the kids are sitting in a diner and one says to another "hey we about to go get twisted, you in?". The definition of "twisted" is never revealed, which confuses the audience because, frankly, nobody in history has ever said they are getting fucking twisted.
Stereotypical Black kid 1: Aye Mane we bout to go get twisted, you in?

Stereotypical Black kid 2: What the fuck? Are you hitting one me? I told yo gay ass I don't go that way! Shit I'm bout to get high and say fuck yall niggas. You can go twist ya dicks together for all I care!
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 6, 2010
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When some hoochie from a rival gang plays you to get some info in on your set/clique.
Tyrone said to be on dah look out fo Shawanda..he aftah ha fo getting twisted wit him.
by LiLdIvA_DnT_PlAy January 16, 2009
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To gamble above one's means.
Me and the bros hit up the slots last night and had to get it twisted, next thing we knew we were out of money.
by Betty Cogburn May 30, 2022
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to misperceive or misunderstand something. to draw the wrong conclusion.
by Crystal Puff September 5, 2005
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Don't get it twisted:

Do not get it twisted. Do not gamble. Do not start. Gambling is entertainment and entertainment only. You won't break even. You won't win. You won't do any of that. You understand? You will only go into debt and ruin your fucking life. I do this cause I fucking love it. I do it all the time. It's entertainment for people who can afford it. And that's it. YOU WILL LOSE. I'm losing. Do you understand? I AM DOWN MILLIONS
by bork152 June 5, 2022
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Don't get it wrong, don't be confused about it
I just wanted to help you, don't get it twisted!
by Manù April 10, 2006
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