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She is a #pretty #loyal #swag and #funny person she is very loyal if you had her you will want her for the rest of your life
Don't break Shawanda heart or it will be a flood of tears
by Shawanda August 28, 2017
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A girl whom is so odd that by looking at her you see nothing. It is the most pointless personality ever. She makes other people laugh because of how socially awkward she is. She is also a slut.
Shawanda was telling me about my human life and I thought I was an elf.
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A nasty slut from Australia. She'd be a whore if she wasn't giving it away for free. Usually dates losers who suck the life out of her and get her addicted to smoking, Neurofen Plus and other drugs. Typically without kids, instead she will have heaps of dogs and cats. And maybe sheep. WARNING: If she is looking at your man, she WILL try to take him!
That girl is such a Shawanda!
If she had any more dogs, she'd be a Shawanda!
She is out to be get your man! She got those Shawanda cock hungry eyes!
by realmccoy June 10, 2014
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