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Moochun is comprised of a variety of martial arts and martial sports mixed together in a useless way. Like combining Wing Chun and Mua Thai. The two systems are completely opposed yet fuck wits still try to combine the two.
That knob is teaching Moochun no wonder he's a useless fighter.
by Max1984Harper August 05, 2018
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Trying to make the strange appear to be normal.
I can't believe their teaching kids in kindergarten about gays and trannies their trying to normalize it.
by Max1984Harper August 04, 2018
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An innocent person who gets shit pegged on them by other individuals who are motivated to lie in order to make themselves look both heroic and victimised at the same time. a)The convenient villain is also convenient as someone to blame when people are planning to make a terrible or morally unjust decision in order to save face.
b) A person is a convenient villain when someone want to hurt them and damages their reputation to do so.
Nathan tried to cheat that guy out of money and when he got called on his bullshit he blamed the poor guy in front of everyone and called him a stingy asshole talk about having a Convenient Villain.
by Max1984Harper August 18, 2018
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A very deceptive cat that hides and uses camouflage in order to jump out and attack family members.
Missy is such a Decepticat she jumped out of the blanket she was hiding under and bit me next time I'll poke the couch with a fucking broom before I sit down.
by Max1984Harper December 21, 2018
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The next generation of freeloaders that aren't content any longer just to mooch off peoples generosity. They also have to put pressure on people and haggle an even better deal because their so important.
That asshole asked me for another six beers after I offered him just one what a Flynnloader .
by Max1984Harper July 11, 2018
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