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A band that comes from Huntington Beach, CA. They have a great sound, and produce some good music....they are my second favorite band, next to The Offspring.

Now, to be frank...the only reason the band is what it is, is the lead guitarist Synyster Gates (my guitar idol, absolutely incredible), and the drummer The Rev. They ARE the band, they are SUCH musicians its incredible. The other band members are dead weight. Zacky Vengeance, M Shadows and Johnny Christ. They have no idea what they are doing musically. They have great chemistry on stage, don't get me wrong, such talent should not be mixed with that much...bad talent....thats all....
Avenged Sevenfold has an incredible drummer and lead guitarist
by PhatPJ September 11, 2009
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a kinky variation to "Nighty Night'

thought up by me
girl: ugh, i am so tired, i am going to bed
guy: mmk, naughty night
by PhatPJ January 19, 2009
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Everyone has a different idea of their paradise, or vacation spot that would be absolutely perfect for them. In this case, the word 'beautiful' and paradise go hand-in-hand. a common phrase can be 'wow, this place is beautiful...its absolute paradise'. some of the popular 'beautiful' paradise spots could include any of the following

1. ski resorts
2. mountains
3. rainforest
4. countryside
5. beach/ocean (my personal favorite)
6. lake resorts
7. city
8. suburban towns
9. towns filled with culture (such as Europe and Costa Rica)
10. outback
11. savannah
1. I want to go to The Alps, it's paradise!

2. I want to go to Tibet and see the mountains to relax in paradise

3. A person was telling me about the rainforst's in Maui, sounds like paradise!

4. A friend mentioned they lived in Montana in the countryside, he said it sucked, but I thought it sounded like paradise

5. I want to go to The Bahamas, its ABSOLUTE PARADISE!

6. I hear there are good lake resorts throughout Canada, must be paradise

7. I have only lived in the countryside damnit! I need to go to the big city and experience life!

8. I have only lived in the city damnit! I need to go to the suburban towns and get some zest in my life!

9. She told me about traveling through Italy, sounds amazing...like paradise

10. a new exchange student is from Australian outback, i've only heard of outback steakhouse, I think I should visit there, he said its paradise

11. I am going hunting in Africa, I don't really want to run into any aborigines, but just to get a few wildebeest's and see the african wildlife
by PhatPJ March 19, 2009
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One of the funniest shows on TV, airs on FX.

It's about 4 people that own an unsuccessful bar (Paddy's Pub) in South Philly. Each episode has a different theme, and covers many controversial topics including: abortion, gun control, physical disabilities, racism, sexism, religion, the Israeli/Palestinian situation, terrorism, transsexuality, slavery, incest, sexual harassment in education, the homeless, statutory rape, drug addiction, pedophilia, nuclear proliferation in North Korea, child abuse, mental illness, gay rights, bulimia, prostitution, cannibalism and Nazism. - and that's why I like it

Dennis: Dee's brother, funny, only thinks of himself, always trying to prove people wrong, thinks he's gods gift to women, always cutting corners, completely self centered, drinks a lot, and is always impressing Charlie

Charlie: retarded, school dropout, drinks a lot, makes a lot of funny puns, likes to play different characters, is highly influenced, lives in a dump and eats cat food to fall asleep, always wears his piss drenched pj's, and is known as the infamous 'Green Man'

Sweet Dee: Dennis' sister, trying to fit in, hates her life, always comes in last - always prone to sexism, tries to get guys but can't because of the crowd she hangs with.

Mac: thinks he's a badass and can be a bouncer - like Swayze in roadhouse, quick witted, always calling everyone bitches, always failing

Frank: the dad of Dennis and Sweet Dee, played by Danny DeVito, usually the brains of the operation, used to be a millionaire until he gave it all up to live with Charlie, always carries a gun around.

The cast doesn't care about anyone else, innocent bystanders are always getting hurt, which in the end they really don't benefit from anything except getting fired, arrested, injured, or injuring random people.
Person 1: Have you ever heard of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Person 2: yeah I have, Charlie is my favorite character
by PhatPJ November 21, 2008
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My personal favorite rickyism, I say it all the time - definitely good for some comic relief. Instead of "get two birds with one stone"

Watch Trailer Park Boys!! You will laugh your ass off, guaranteed.
Exactly, get two birds stoned at once
by PhatPJ March 13, 2010
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When doing a job with friends or family, a damn good excuse to have a beer, sit down, and spectate....the hardest job of all.

usually used as a joke, people will laugh
Father: okay son, lets load this equipment into the truck
(half way through)
by PhatPJ March 25, 2009
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