Pronounced 'yer momma'

1:Slang for your and momma (mother) - usu. 'yo momma' followed by an exclamation point. Generally spoken by rednecks and other people from the southern American states. Known for its black origin, (yo momma), yer momma is mainly used as a somewhat humiliating defensive last resort during an argument. Often, the speaker uses yer momma immediatly after realizing he or she has lost (or is losing) an argument, thereby communicating to the listener that (the listener) has won the argument, and that the speaker isn't about to openly admit it. Once spoken, having been confirmed of their victory, the listener is to (hopefully) sympathetically change the subject or shut up altogether. This, however, almost always fails, resulting in an all-out verbal attack between both parties, targeting each other's momma, daddy, and sometimes granny, (who is generally referred to as being obscenely bald).

2. Something a redneck says to a child when referring to the child's mother.

3. A phrase used by a male, spoken repetitively to his wife and/or girlfriend over and over as a response to everything she says. It is usually brought on by the guy's sick, irresistable urge to drive her to the brink of insanity, thereby causing her to punch him in the arm.

4. A phrase that can be fun to add to sentences that, in the end, belittle and insult the listener's mother in a joking manner.
1) Person #2: "...and that's the PROOF RIGHT THERE that I win the argument!"
Speaker: "....well, YER MOMMA!"
Person #2: "Wotchoo say about my momma?! YO DADDY!"

2) Go tell yer momma ta' git me a beer.

3) Wife/girlfriend: "Stop it, damnit!"
Male: "Yer momma!"
Wife/girlfriend: "SHUT UP!"
Male: "Yer momma!"
Wife/girlfriend: "If you don't SHUT UP, your going to get it!"
Male: "Ooooooh! Yer momma!"
*Wife/girlfriend punches him in the arm*

4) Guy on XBox Live: "OH MY GOD, that was SO FREAKING AWESOME!"
Speaker: "Yeah, that's what yer momma was saying to me last night. Giggity giggity!"