When in traffic, getting behind someone who isn't going when the light turns green; Get going; you're in my way; you're going too slow.
by Jeepsforever August 5, 2017
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What da lecherous ex-Prez Willie C. managed to do **twice over** in the Monica Blewinsky case --- first, he was able to delightedly "get off" from Miss L's huge luscious smoochy lips' lovingly pleasuring his crooked wiener. And then when said sordid tryst "came back to haunt him" with a Congressional trial, he was able to "get off" without punishment, even though he obviously had done everything he'd been accused of. He was even able to keep his marriage intact.
I as a "common citizen" can get jailed for merely stealing a pack of gum, yet Bill Clinton didn't even get a slap on da wrist for majorly dallying with his intern (and who knows how many other women during his lifetime!), and he was a married man, to boot --- he could totally get off scot-free merely because he was da President at da time! What kind of convoluted nonsense --- not to mention an awful role-model for our nation's raging-hormones-steeped youth --- is THAT???
by QuacksO July 9, 2019
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Playing the martyr when you are the one that is unfairly treating someone else.
"How dare you get angry at me cheating on you - if you were doing what I wanted and giving me what I needed I wouldn't cheat"

Get off the cross - no matter what I did or didn't give you cheating is not right and you know it.
by Lethallydosed November 23, 2021
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If friend or family member is wearing a puma tracksuit and it is a disgrace you would say get that off ya
If your friend is is wearing a disgraceful clothing you would say get that off ya
by Get that off ya November 8, 2020
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Often used in sports when one is not moving with efficient speed, or, when one is required to lose weight.
slow poke, speed, slow as whale shit, Fat Albert
"Get the fridge off your back, Jim"
"I need to go to the gym to get this frisdge off my back"
by bburkeindaswitch August 13, 2008
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Getting excited over the misery or fear of other people.
The politicians always getting off on the fact that they get away with murder.
by Doctor WTF May 11, 2022
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