Usually an individual who does not know much about the sport. He throws out the name "Tom brady" often.

These "fans" may also like players/teams like Spain In soccer or tiger woods in golf

Never be surprised if they also cheer on the Yankees and talk about there favorite player Sidney Crosby

Patriot fans are the bottom of the barrel and wanna be sports fans. Ideal gift for someone like this is a "football for dummies" book or a knitting kitt
James - Who does Gerry cheer for?

Bill - He's a patriots fan

James - oh so he doesn't follow sports.
by Missisipete September 25, 2013
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Usually tend to be bandwagons, that talk way to much about there team. The quarterback they support is a cheater and is arguably the best one ever
by James Jackson 70789 February 22, 2017
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A person who will jizz instantly at the sight of Tom Brady
Timmy, an Average Patriots Fan, found his balls deflated, swelling his trousers with cum, only moments after Tom Brady appeared on the screen.
by nbob378 April 22, 2018
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A word used to describe someone who is on the bandwagon.
Jack is so annoying. He routes for the teams that always win. What a patriots fan.
by bmb0909 September 21, 2015
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People that are actually very smart because they know what the best NFL team is.
Harvard: And what's your favorite NFL team?
Guy: I'm a Patriots fan
Harvard: Nigga you want a scholarship?
by DuckyGumbo September 23, 2019
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A douchebag that loves Tom Brady so much they just can't stop talkin about him like there butt buddies.

" wow did you see that guy just diss his girl"

"Let it go man he's a patriots fan"

Someone who completely ignores statistics to believe Brady is the best in the league.

Someone who will argue his opinion until your ears bleed completely disregarding the facts.
I was talking to this guy about football and all he said was Tom Brady this and Tom Brady's the best ... He didn't even want to talk game .. So lame

Yea he's a patriots fan alright only seeing one thing Tom Brady's ass instead of an intelligent woman who can talk nfl!
by Catpain January 13, 2014
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