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Home of the eagles. We might not have the best football team, but we know how to party. Pull the stick out of your hotty toddy and come down to Hattiesburg where the guys arent d bags and the chicks arent bitches.

Southern Miss Elle: "Hey Mary lets leave the game at halftime and go down to the district and take shots."

Ole Miss Mary: "Oh golly geez Elle I might get in trouble with my sorority!"

Southern Miss Elle: "Your Sorority? How would they know? My sorority is down there with the shots...Geez Mary it must be really lame at Ole Miss.
by SouthernMissToTheTop December 18, 2010
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Southern Miss is the nickname for the University of Southern Mississippi. It's the best university in the state, lacking the rednecks at MSU and the rich rednecks at Ole Miss. Too bad Ole Miss lost Eli, because that's the only football team they could have beat USM with. And as for Miss State, Starkville should be deleted for Mississippi all together.
Southern Miss - To the TOP!
by meridionale May 18, 2005
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The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). This school is a failure at everything except music. If you want to major in music, it's a great place to be! If you want to become successful, you'd be better off at any other University (or junior college for that matter..)

USM is the school of choice for Mississppi's Gay and Lesbian community.
Garbage Man 1: Man this trash stinks.
Garbage Man 2: Yeah I know, If I would have gone to any other school, I'd probably have a more fufilling life!
Garbage Man 1: Where did you go?
Garbage Man 2: I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated number 3 in the class...Too bad we lost our accredidation
by Josh 55 January 02, 2007
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