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A guy who tries hard in everything he does, once he finds his motivation. Hard worker, and doesn't give up easily. Stubborn, but in a positive way. Strong physically and mentally. Loves sports, friends, and family. Not a big fan of school. Constantly underestimated, and loves challenges. Loves to make friends, but is normally quiet around new faces. Has a sensitive side that not many get to see. Blessed with loving friends, and a supportive family. Doesn't always get what he wants, but learns that he doesn't always need it to be happy. Learns from his mistakes, and takes life day by day. Doesn't need much to be content. Lives in the moment.
by Therocketship March 10, 2010
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The most amazingly wonderful boy you will ever meet. He is hilarious and sweet. If you get the chance to know him, consider yourself lucky. He is very intelligent and the love of my life. <3
Kellen is dating Dominique.
by Timelordbatmanrawr November 20, 2014
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The nicest best people you will ever meet are kellens. There are complately hilarious on the outside and the inside, but hide a sensitive loving nature. Kellens love sports and their friends and family. They may seem a little strange at first, but are really cool actually. If you are dating a kellen, you are super lucky. Kellens have really soft faces with exciting eyes.
Girl 1: look its kellen!

Girl 2: he is so funny

Girl 3: his girlfriend is so lucky
by LaDiDa314 March 30, 2010
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The name of the last crowned prince of Ireland. It's obviously not a fucking girls name. Kellens are awesome. If you know one, give them lots of money and free gifts and shit.
Man: "Oh dude, is that kellen?"

Man 2: "Yeah, he gets lots of babes."

Man: "Lets go give him some money."

Man 2: "For sure."
by K_Mill June 03, 2012
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Undefinable, but highly necessary for daily use. Kellen is the highest level of friendship to ever be accomplished, however can only be accomplished by Kellen. mic drop
Give me Kellen or give me death.
Thats right dude, don't crit the grit!
by greenators February 12, 2017
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N. guy who is awsome; he tells jokes no one understands but you have to laugh at them; loves kitty cats and the Kitty Kat Dance song

Adj. durp dee durp durpa durp durptee durp tittily dittily dum

V. To wear hilarious shirts that normally relates to mustaches or family guy; to play final fantasy, eat ramen noodles

Other = political jokes are funny, knows famous people that no one has ever heard of

N. A short, stubby man who grew facial hair at a pre-mature age; has a sister who is unbelievably hot and sleeps in her nude on the couch when one has friends over (Im down with that)

N. Never gets in trouble at St Joes, but would subtly implement sexual references in questions he asks the teacher.

N. A long, dark haired adolescent who never sleeps but falls asleep while typing or playing video games.

N. a Rob Schneider impersonator

N. God
Kellen: So, John Hatheway walked into a bar and a hammer fell on him
Friends: *cant help but laugh*

Kellen: I was soooo close! I WAS SO FUCKING CLOSE!
Guy: What Kellen? What happened!?
Kellen: My neighbor was SOOO CLOSE TO GETTING ME POT!

Cat...Im a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance...!

Wow...what did he say? It was funny, his name must be Kellen

Me:"Guns dont kill people...people with mustaches do!"
Kellen: shirt just made you admit that you kill people...

Kellen: Im so close to beating this dungeo-...oh! Noodles are done!

Kellen: So, John Kerry went into a bar after his botox job and the bartender says "Hey John, why the long chin?"

Little Johny: Mommy, some new kid at school has a mustache...why? We're only in the 3rd grade?
Mommy: well, Johnny, we dont go around point out people's premature tholical stimuli, so we will just call him Kellen
Johnny: Ok mommy, thanks!

So, I was spending the night at Kellens house and it was around 2:00 am. I needed a drink so I went upstairs to get some water; I was trying to be quiet because his sister was sleeping on the couch, little did I know...she was wearing nothing. So, I hear a stirring behind me...I turn around and...well...just use your imagination

The subject was not to have sex before marriage; Kellen's response "I love cheese cake and all, but not when it has been sitting on the shelf for 30 or so years"

Hey, Kellen, look whos in first place, I AM!...Kellen? You awake?
Kellen: *sitting up straight, snooring, but has the controller clasped in his hand*

Kellen's entry in his RPG topic on a forum:
"Link was walking down a long and dark *falls asleep in mid-sentence* ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt"

Kellen: Hey guys
Friends: Yeah?
Kellen: Rob Schneider is a durp dee durp durpa durp durptee durp tittily dittily dum
Friends: *couldnt help but uncontrollably laugh*

Wow...that guy can make pie appear at his finger tips...he is such a Kellen...

Kids! Time to go to church and pray to Kellen!
by Supadupa orange August 12, 2008
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