1. Jewish term for someone who is not a Jew
2. Mormon term for someone who is not a Mormon.
Utah is the only place in the USA where Jews are considered gentiles.
by Rattus cattus November 16, 2006
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Derogatory term for pretentious & flavorless people who think they're better than everyone else by driving a Prius, going to yoga, paying taxes and walking around with a cup of $10 starbucks coffee. Mostly middle to upper middle class white people, similar to hipsters.
"Jim just went vegan and only talks about eating kale all day. He's a fucking gentile"
by bratwurst69 September 12, 2020
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Non-Jew, synonym of goy. From a Latin translation of the Hebrew word goy: gentilis.
For some reason, Nazis prefer the word gentile to goy, so make sure you call them a goy as much as possible.

Gentiles shouldn't have seders.

It's only challah if it isn't made by a gentile; otherwise it's just a Jewesque bread.
by Queen Buttrix July 10, 2021
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1) A person who is not Jewish

2) Someone with very little money i.e. poor.

3) Anyone who makes less than six figures a year.

4) A non-shapeshifter
-That guy can't even afford food!
-Figures, he is a gentile
by aktsepr March 26, 2010
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A severely fake person. This person is fake to the extent that anybody seems real in comparison to them. Anybody.
Tim: Man, this teacher is so fake.
Jim: Yeah, she's almost like a Gentill.
by Mr. Swag Diggity Doo Doo December 14, 2013
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in English literature: use of the term to describe a common person who distinguishes themselves by going through the day without causing problems to those they interacted with publicly.
Joseph was proud of his Gentile nature, and carried himself in a manner that of a Nobleman even though his roots were clearly that of a peasant.
by Jackwagon March 5, 2012
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Usually referencing the non-israelite nations. At times used by the prophets to provoke, disassociate and or mock the Israelites with a negative byword that have assimilated to heathen customs. According to the Bible there are two types and classes of people on earth ; 2Esdras6:54-56
1.) Israelites ; commonly referred to today as Jews.
2.) Gentiles/Heathens ; all non-israelite people/nations.
The importance of understanding the words cultural context is central to the biblical theme of the Chosen people that are predestined, and the only people through whom The LORD made salvation available.

Real Gentiles: 1Esdras8:69 Jeremiah46:1-2 Isaiah60:11-12 Isaiah61:9 Genesis10:5
Israel called Gentiles: Ezekiel20:32 2Maccabees 6:8-9 1Corinthians12:2. Romans9:24-26 1Peter1:1

• Israelites that assimilate to American customs and traditions are considered gentile.
Nations outside of Israel, i.e. Gentiles can't become or be converted to Israelites .
by Onias Ben israel July 25, 2019
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