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Genderbending is an internet theme which states that for every fictional character, there exists an opposite gender counterpart. (I.e For every given male character, there is a female version of that character. For every given female character, there is a male version of that character.) It is considered a notable tenet of the Rules of the Internet, next to Rule 34.

Although Rule 63 and genderbending are often dwarfed in interest by the most successful of the Internet Rules, Rule 34, over time they has shown excessive popularity in the internet and in fandoms. The earliest instance of Rule 63 on DeviantArt was submitted by user Xxescaped-vulpinexX on 2009. As of the same year, there are 1,000 instances of “gender-bending” artworks tagged with Rule 63. Shortly after, a Danbooru-style imageboard site Rule 63 was launched. As of 2011, the site has amassed up to 20K pictures which translates into 250 pages of images. The most popular known genderbends are currently Adventure Time (Fionna and Cake), Team Fortress 2 (e.g. FemPyro, FemScout, etc.), anything from Nintendo and any type of Anime.

The only 3 exceptions to a genderbend are that if a character is fully androgynous, a genderbend version would pointless (i.e. the male character is already so androgynous that a female version would be basically the same. Vice versa is true as well), the character is asexual (e.g. BMO) or a genderbend version hasn’t been drawn yet.
Nintendrone: 3RM4HG3RD LINK IZ T3H H0773Z7 GUY 3V4H!!!1 H3 G3TZ 4LL 73H PU$$Y 4ND H4Z M04R B4LLZ 7H4N 4NY 07H3R S0-C4LL3D "M4N". N07 3V3N 7H3 M4NLI3Z7 M4N C4N B347* LINK B-CUZ H3 WILL 4LW4YZ B3 73H M4N 4-3V4H!!!1

*(In case you can't read, the text says "Beat")( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Random Man: Did you just say that Link will always "be a man"?

Nintendrone: YUZ B-CUZ H3 F4UGH7 M04R SH!7 7H4N U C4N IM4GIN3!!!1 WU7 D0 U H4V3 4G4iN$7 DA7, $0NY-P0NY/XB07?!?!?!

Random Man: This: *holds up a picture of a genderbend Link*

Nintendrone: M3 CRI NA0 :'(
by Picklester June 11, 2016
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