National steal day

You have to steal something from your crush or lover for the entire day. GIVE IT BACK AT THE END OF THE DAY STUPID!
May 1st is a national steal day
by BIG DDDDEE April 29, 2019
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The day that the United States of America killed Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the infamous 9/11 attacks and the leader as well as founder of Al Qaeda, in a special operation in Pakistan during a gun fight.
(Person One): What has the whole "War on Terror" actually done?

(Person Two): DUDE! May 1st!!
by XxDivinexX May 2, 2011
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Boy: hey look it’s May 1st that’s national send titty day

Girl: oh yeah ok look at these bad bois
Send titty pics on this day
by BigDpD May 1, 2019
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Whoever was born on this day has a high chance of getting bitches and having a huge...
That person was definitely born on MAY 1st with the pussy hes getting.
by JackRambo6565 October 15, 2019
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May 1st is an Unofficial Canadian Holiday celebrated on the 1st day of every May.

Created to give thanks to friendships and to celebrate accomplishments over the past year. Celebrate your happiness with those who helped you attain it...

Several Canadian cities hold May 1st festivities, All include gathering of friends and family.
T-Shirt and cookie making is highly recommended

Tag Lines:
May 1st - one name, one legend!
Come to life come to MAY 1ST. I choose to celebrate THE FIRST, MAY FIRST it’s gonna be a formal dress down MAY day, this will be your MAY FIRST bebe!
Here’s to the MAY 1ST you don’t know yet!
When the going gets tough the tough gets MAY 1ST and that’s how all this started.
Good honest MAY 1ST since 2005. MAY 1ST is your safe place in an unsafe world. Think MAY 1ST cuz things happen with MAY 1ST, and if you haven’t heard of it don’t worry cuz MAY 1ST comes to those who wait and you have waited long enough. Life is beautiful with MAY 1ST.
Anything goes, from giving a meal MAY FIRST appeal to getting the MAY 1ST look to reading the perfect book. It’s about seeing the faces you love light up with MAY 1ST. Bottom line it’s what you make it and what you want it to be. So say MAY 1ST…..Sayyyyy it!

In closing:
Yo Mel what up for May 1st?

You know you have awesome friends when they take the day off for MAY 1ST xoxo
by MMMay! May 12, 2009
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Hooray hooray its the first of May outside Fucking begins today!!!!
to find a place to fuck in the great outdoors starting May 1st
by uknowitsmela April 30, 2010
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