An Indonesian (and probably Malay, too) word. This describes the behavior of women when they see a cute baby. It also describes the baby itself. Translated into English, it means roughly:

"The state of going out of one's mind in adoration of something that is extremely likeable or cute."

A woman under the influence of Gemes will hug and fondle the baby for very long periods of time, oblivious to all other disractions. (Including but not limited to: a boyfriend's inquiries, the train leaving the station, or the arrival of winter.)

Oftentimes, the bout of Gemes can be so severe that the baby will start crying, which only serves to intensify the attention paid to it in a vicious cycle of female hormonal reactions.
A group of Indonesian women: Aw! Look at the baby! GEMES!

A group of Indonesian boyfriends: WTF.

Used as an adjective: The baby was very gemes.

Used as a verb: The baby was gemesed.

Used as a verb: The women became gemesed over a single baby, who was itself gemes.
by HMB August 13, 2004
Gemee is my name, I was named after my father Jim
by GM68 December 20, 2016
A very trust worthy girl, She's also hilarious she the type of girl you can count on she doesn't switch up on her friends and if she doesn't like she either won't talk to you or tell you in your face but other than that she's very nice
by Madden25 March 14, 2017
Geme. Someone who thinks there hard when they’re actually a wussy
Harry- Oh mate he’s a geme.
by Ellemanzinn June 17, 2021
She very emotional but she can sometimes be crazy but she definitely one you can count on she doesn't switch up on her friend like half y'all bitches do but other than that she respects people's opinion and also she doesn't give two shits she's also HILARIOUS
by Madden25 March 14, 2017