A geezer is a descriptive word in the UK which is used to define a mans characteristics. A geezer will be found usually out side a pub with a pint in his hand on match day. They commonly like football, scrapping, beer, tea, tits, and Barry white. Geezers often acknowledge other geezers by a greeting each other by saying geezer followed by a nod and a thumbs up.
Nigel: Alright geezer how much is a can of red stripe
Charles: For you nothing my friend because your a top geezer
Nigel: arr Cheers geeze *nod* *thumbs up*

Charles: *nod* *thumbs up*
by Sir. SpudLock March 7, 2015
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Geezer is a word usually used by people with a cockney accent, an accent which originates in East London but is probably more commonly heard in Essex now as it has spread outside of London and become more common in other places. It means a man but can also refer to a certain type of man who is a bit dodgy or even mean a man you admire and respect, it's all about context. Nice one, geezer!
Alright, geezer? (How are you, friend?)

That geezer over there (that man over there)

He's a bit of a geezer (He's a bit of a shady character)

Nice one, geezer! (I appreciate that, my friend)
by London Geezer August 29, 2019
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In the U.K.: A guy, a bloke, a person in general. The British equivalent of the American slang word "dude".

In the U.S.: An old man, particularly one who is either cranky or eccentric. Rather derogatory term.
(UK) "You're looking for Johnny? Yeah, he's that geezer over there in the green coat."

(US) "Old man Anderson keeps yelling at the kids playing outside. That geezer!"
by Bill M. September 20, 2004
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An unelected, unwanted, self-appointed moderator of a chat forum.
Look! The Geezer has got someone else banned again!
by Margaret-e February 23, 2010
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1. British definition: A geezer is a bloke, a man or a "dude".

2. USA definition: Old bastard. Elderly, cranky old son of a motherfucker who drives too damn slow and complains about how things were in his day

3. Heavy Metal definition: Black Sabbath's bass player, Geezer Butler.
1. "Ere mush, who's that geezer at the bar?"
2. "Move your car out of the road, you old geezer or I'll break your hip!"
3. "Geezer Butler is a cool bass player!"
by IRON MAN January 29, 2005
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A Geezer is a male englishman who likes drinking, football, and violence, preferably all at the same time. Wants to be the typical cockney jack the lad. They dress up smart to normally pull 'birds' favourites being Stone Island and Burberry. Theyre basically like a better meaner version of a Chav and not bad people to know aslong as you just prove your a 'geezer'. Sorted me ol' mucker...
watch the film 'Lockstock and Two Smoking barrels'
by Neil January 8, 2005
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