A fit of intense geekly joy, happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day, or when they get uber excited and riled up; When a geek goes into geekstcy, Has a geek-on; What makes a geek go crazy; When a geek has reached his or her geek climax; The equivalent of a sexual orgasm for a geek.
My XBOX is coming, I think I'm going to have a geekgasm!

I made John have a geekgasm by mentioning that Star Wars action figures were onsale.

by Jess October 20, 2003
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When something particularily nerdy or geeky gets you very excited.
Tom: Dude,did you see the new clip for the Watchmen movie.

Allan: Totally. I had a geekgasm after watching it.
by T.Evans February 22, 2009
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When your inner geek (we all have one) suddenly starts to scream out "ohhh, YES! come on! more, more MORE! faster faster!" when it sees a particular scene or hears a song or whathaveyou.
"I don't want to go to the star trek convension"
"Why not?"
"Because frankly, I don't want to see a bunch of middle-aged men in tight clothes have geekgasms over a plastic model of a spaceship"
by Xyrx February 7, 2010
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That Feeling When You Reach 70 Att In RS.

The Twitching That Occurs After Demoing BatMan.

The 'Ugh' Sound You Emmit When Story Complete Becomes Your GTA File's Name.

The Breathless Sensation Which Takes Over When Your On A PVP Rampage Of Ownage.
'dude u seen the new batman trailer?'



by hydrosander August 30, 2009
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The feeling almost every geek gets when looking at the Alienware m17x.
The m17x is worthy of a geekgasm. :)
by Xyvinn May 28, 2008
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When one geek has an orgasm over geeky shit
Tristan: Oh my god you guys i think i just creamed by pants a new version of linux is out (Geekgasm)

by asssssssmeaaaaaaaaat November 11, 2008
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Whenever one mentions linux or anything pc related to a geek he has a seizure and has a geekgasm
Tristan: Omg linux comes all over his keyboard and has a geekgasm
by Wheeeeeeeze November 4, 2008
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