A late 80s/early 90s manga and anime series by a fellow named Yoshiki Takaya. Revolved around three alien units known as 'guyvers' that, when fused with a human would encase him/her with a sort of 'bio-boosted armor' and give them all sorts of fun abilities. A big bad (strange) corporation known as Chronos is out to get ahold of these units, which were once in their possession but got stolen at the beginning of the story. One of the units comes into the possession of a high school student named Sho, who after fusing with it finds himself on the run from Chronos.

The anime version stopped after 12 episodes and had an English dub which have pretty awful voice acting. The manga, however, is still ongoing and has a very interesting storyline.

Two live action movies were made in the US. The first starred Mark Hamill (yes, the same guy who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) and was pretty cool if a bit on the cheesey side. The second had a much smaller budget and felt like a long, drawn out Power Rangers episode. Both don't really seem to follow the main storyline in the manga so much.
Ever since James fused with a Guyver unit he has become far too arrogant for anyone to share his company.
by retro November 01, 2004
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A 1980's anime that never really became popular in the United States due to it's excessive amount of blood, gore, and crappy voice acting. It's a shame that such a good idea went to waste, like a good plot to a movie being used for a porno instead for a major motion film. Although the anime did inspire 2 low budget sci-fi movies in the early 90's, the second movie had David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake) play the lead role. neither of them were good (think of power rangers with a low budget, crappier acting, and blood added to it)
The Guyver would of been a decent franchise if only a company like Marvel would buy the rights to it and create a comic book.
1. Damn, that series had potential, but the damn company screwed it over like the Guyver series
2. If I was a guyver, I would kill all my enemies and take over the world!
by Big Boss Inc. July 12, 2004
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A necklace with sharp edges used to impel another living being.
Jacob used his bomb ass guyver to destroy the rude fucker at the bar.
by JSjeTM October 02, 2015
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a person, or let's say, a stupid person that makes a lot of typo when typing and uses a very lame internet language
Guyver: i cn taek any1 even u

Person: Shut up stupid!
by Noobletrouble July 27, 2009
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