"Greek Deprived Individual". One who has decided that he would rather play video games in his dorm room than to join a fraternity of men. Despite his ignorance of what goes on in a fraternity he still chooses to stereotype and label anyone who has made the honorable choice to join the ranks of a Greek organization. Usually justifies his choice by slandering fraternities claiming they groups of superficial, dumb, alcoholics because he either knows he is too socially awkward to join a fraternity or he did not receive a bid to a fraternity. Fortunately a GDI usually remains unsuccessful in life and his ignorance has no influence on upper society. Can usually be characterized by cargo shorts, lack of friends, and lack of money currently and into his adulthood.
Contrary to popular belief, GDI's usually have lower grade point averages than their Greek counterparts and usually go on to be much less successful.
by Frat hard frat often December 11, 2010
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Someone who doesn't join a fraternity for some reason. Maybe they're a douchebag who shouldn't join in the first place, or maybe they're balled for some reason. Regardless, they are not fraternity material.
"I don't wanna join a frat because they are gay," said one GDI. "Well, I guess you wouldn't fit in to my fraternity anyway. We don't refer to our brotherhood as a frat. Would you refer to your country as a cunt? If you would, get the fuck out of my house. If I see you again, I'll haze your ass so quick I won't even be able to 'ball your ass."
by SNFratDaddy September 22, 2007
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1) God Damn Independent
2) Those who decide not to go Greek, and therefore commit social suicide
3) People that fucking suck
Guy A) I met that guy during orientation
Guy B) You still friends with himl?
Guy A) Hell no, he's a fucking GDI. I always knew he was a fucking loser
by Teddy Hertzel March 15, 2005
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"God Damn Independent" One who is not envolved in a greek organization. Typically engages in acts of douchebaggery, and envy all those who are greek.
Gelled hair Meatbags, Hippies, Goths,wannabe surfers and Nerds are all examples of GDI's
by Sig Ma Chi April 15, 2008
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A person that cares more about quality than quantity. Someone that knows there has maybe been one or two "cool" people that have actually stayed in fraternities and graduated, and that the "lists" fraternities and sororities come up with are just composed of people that wised up and eventually dropped out. Elvis was an honorary member of a frat for a day, and Willie Nelson never graduated nor did Drew Carey. The title "God damn independent" is a badge cool people would wear with pride you fucking idiots.

People that never decided to become a frat faggot:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Bob Dylan
3. Anyone legend in the history of rock and fucking roll

The label is given by the most insecure of scum, not realizing that the actual cool people are touring the nation and getting laid by dime pieces every night.
Frat Faggot: "We'll never tour the nation in a band, be well respected artists, or have an ounce of credibility to anyone besides our butthole brothers!"

Sorority Sister: "Yeah! Jimi Hendrix was so unpopular and uncool! What a fucking piece of shit!"

Frat Faggot: "Yeah, and the entire rock and roll hall of fame list is full of those god damn independents too! When will they ever be as cool as us????"

Sorority Sister: "..."

Frat Faggot: "..."

Sorority Sister: "I'm gonna go book a band composed of people that spent their lives shunning people like us. They will get paid fat and have free drinks knowing we are pieces of shit. I may also black out and get fucked by all of them."

Frat Faggot: "Is it too late to be a GDI?"
by Realllittttyyy February 01, 2011
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An acronym for God Damn Independent. GDI's are people who actively choose to not affiliate with Greek life. GDI's come in many forms, ranging from the nerdy book worm to the lazy stoner to the Greek wanna-be's. Regardless, majority of GDI's rear their heads during the infamous rush week at schools across the country to get a one week taste of Greek life and it's parties, just to fall back into the traditional dorm drinking life-style shortly afterwards.
So dude, are you thinking about rushing our house?

Well, actually I'm here for the keg.

Pssh, GDI's
by Koobut March 10, 2010
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