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Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.
Strip of coast south of
Brisbane down to the New Sout Wales border.
Great nightlife and women
"the drink" on the Gold Coast is awesome for RnB on a Wednesday Night!
by Paulius August 06, 2005

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Town on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia. (also known as ippy Mainly inhabited by bogans. used to be prosperous coal mining town but the coal dried up and the miners stayed - now famous for its centrelink and large scale welfare depenancy. Also known as "the hole" and "the dump". The town centre is almost as grubby as the bogans that inabit the city
A:Ahh crap i gotta go down to ipswich for work.
B: Bad luck mate - dont get sucked into the welfare drain!
by Paulius July 21, 2005

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Queenslander slang for:
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia Gold Coast
A: You heading down to gc for the weekend?
B: Fuck yeah!
by Paulius August 06, 2005

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