Girls Best Friend- someone who hangs around girls, wanting more than just friendship but ultimately is nothing more than a shoulder to cry on. More often than not are virgins and are known to dob on cheaters and players in a feeble attempt to get some.
Brett: Why did you say that shit to Bec. You know it had nothing to do to you.

Harry: I swear I didn't say anything. You shouldn't treat girls like that anyway.

Brett: Your never going to be anything more than a GBF.
by fireone October 06, 2008
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Generic Blonde Female. i.e. fit for purpose, but copies her looks from a magazine, and is devoid of any distinguishing features like a personality. Nothing to write home about. The opposite of "exotic", or "striking".
Nothing doing in the place. Just GBFs that left me hankering for some crazed goth bunny-boiler ...anything INTERESTING.
by Grant Fromage February 07, 2007
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Gay boyfriend(GBF).. That's what it means Trinity, don't ask again.
Alex: Can I be you Gay Boyfriend?
Jane: Yes, you can be my gay boyfriend
Alex: yay, I'm so gay!...with a girlfriend some how.. GBF Yeah!
by I'm right, you're not! September 30, 2017
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Guy 1: Did cj really hang out with that girl and really talk about her feelings?
Guy 2: yeah he's such a GBF
by Nongbf6969 October 10, 2018
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A girl best friend who can also be more then a friend
β€œAre you and jenny darting”

β€œNo she’s my GBF”

β€œOh ight”
by Dexter2.2 December 24, 2019
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