Hirai Momo, known mononymously as Momo, was born on November 9, 1996 in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. She's a member and the main dancer of South Korean girl group Twice.
MOMO IS FUCKING KAWAII. Search on youtube "TWICE Momo imitate character 'Nico Nico Ni'" to see it for yourself.
by jennie kim December 29, 2016
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A creepy urban legend turned meme that has been debunked.
Did you see that new video of Momo? It was creepy as fuck
by topshagger666 July 18, 2018
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Momo is a member of the kpop band Twice. She is considered the main dancer of the group and people often call her a “dance machine”.
by Comfy life best life June 21, 2018
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1. Japanese for "peaches"

2. A character in the Nickolodeon cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" also features a lemur whom is named Momo, as it takes a peach in the first episode it appears.
You can eat momo with skin on.
by Tylerdamnit August 11, 2007
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nickname for Female Norwegian Elkhound breed; stems from middle-eastern routes.
Wow your momo is trained extremely well
by Himatbye January 9, 2019
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A person who is cool, loving, humble, kind and caring. A momo never judges a book by its cover. A momo is really good at giving advice
Wheres a momo when you need advice
by Whos asking March 1, 2014
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