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(Also known as the GBF) The gay best friend is the best friend of any hot girl you know, and the key to getting with that girl. Behind every hot Girl is a GBF. There are three GBF laws that, if you follow, you just might get laid.

1.Thou shall not make homophobic remarks towards the GBF

2. Thou shall befriend said GBF

3. Impress the GBF, and you will have instant access to the girl
John: Did you get laid dude?

Eric: No i called her Gay Best Friend a fag

John: you should Apologize

Eric: Done we're friends and guess what

John: What?

Eric: Amber and Did the nasty
by jmpjwp February 21, 2011
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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heterosexual man, who is refered as "such a good listener" by his female friends, but never gets the opportunity to have sex with them.
She said to me "Why is my bf treating me like that ? If just all boys were as good as you". I am definitely her gay best friend.
by kaviarbionade April 21, 2010
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The gay bestfriend is, most likely, not gay at all, but rather a victim of douchebag theory which has chosen to be friendzoned in hopes of becoming friends with benefits, most likely things will not work out for this guy.
Joe: So how are things between you and Michelle?
Nerd: She's still with Chad, but I'm her gay bestfriend now.
Joe: tough break...
by Cosban June 28, 2011
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A gay bestfriend is someone who usually is not gay, but gets friendzoned by females he was/is interested in. In the other case of them actually being homosexual, then they are there to give compliments to the females that have befriended them.
Travis: Yo man Jaice is definitely the gay bestfriend.
Jesus: Bib
by TacoHurdles February 15, 2019
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A straight man who tries to appeal towards women by being feminine and simply acts as if they were gay. They think they’re hot shit because they can get hugs and are referred to as things like “twin” , or “bestie”. Gay best friends think that by completely emasculating themselves and looking like a complete tool they can get some. Most Gay best friends end up surviving solely off hugs, hand holding and hair braiding.
Myles: Dude did you see the video of logan wearing that girls earrings and friendship bracelet.

Diego: Ya, he’s a gay best friend. What do you expect.
by Jason pual 06 April 29, 2019
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girls who are super close. Most likely cuddle at sleepovers, let’s not forget they have a secret crush on eachother. On for sure looks gay asf and the other is straight passing.
we’re gay best friends. But i DONT have a crush on her, well maybe but shh.
by swagquinn April 09, 2021
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