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A sweet, kind, and considerate person who is fiercely devoted to their loved ones. Will Byers is an artist, craftsman, healer, warrior, and wizard. He is steadfastly courageous even under fire, and uses his keen intelligence and resourcefulness for the greater good.
A: "He is such a Will Byers!"
B:"What do you mean by that?"
A:"You know, like the shamelessly underrated character who was hiding from the Demogorgon in Season 1 of Stranger Things and was possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2? "
B:"Oh yeah, the coconut head guy!"
A: *facepalms*
by Elowyn Huxley-Thomas Forrester February 22, 2018
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Sweet innocent Will from Stranger Things who got taken by a demogorgon at age 12, taken to another dimension where he had to fend for his life by himself against a giant ass monster who wants to eat him, without any food or water. Then, a year later after he is found, he gets fucking possessed by another giant ass monster who wants to end the world, which causes Will to almost kill his mother by choking her. Then, another year later, when he thinks everything is over, it isn't. him and his friends get chased and almost killed by a third giant ass monster who takes the shape of the second giant ass monster. Poor Willy.

R.I.P Barb, Bob, Billy, and Alexei. βž•βž•
Will Byers is Fucking adorable
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by FollowOnWattpad@Strangerwill17 October 08, 2019
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A character on Stranger Things who doesn't have any good definitions on urban dictionary
Wow this site only has 2 definitions for will byers and they both suck!
by Selia00 January 05, 2018
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A character in a Netflix original show, Stranger Things, played by young actor, Noah Schnapp, who gets pulled down to the upside down. He is very kind and a smart kid that can make it through the upside down so do anything.
Wow, Will Byers can do anything. He survived in the upside down!- said everyone ever who watched stranger things
by strangerthingslover January 07, 2018
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A teenage boy from the β€˜party’ in the popular Netflix series β€œStranger Things”. He is the shortest of the group, is very educated, a fantastic artist, and is also very gay. He is in love with best friend since kindergarten, Mike Wheeler.
Who’s Will Byers?
a gay af character on stranger things
by skxosnxosmzosmzm September 18, 2018
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Will Byers is a gay character who loves Mike wheeler
Will Byers: β€œHi i’m gay and I love Mike.”
The party: β€œwe’ve all know that Will.”
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by Wcnder August 14, 2018
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