Parallel formation to the proverbial ugly stick. Something may be hit or beaten with this stick and be bestowed with the attribute 'gay'.
Why is Pete wearing so much pink? Did someone beat him with the gay stick?
by ChrisM July 24, 2004
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A hair straightener, or flat iron. But only when it is used or owned by one of the male gender.

a gay stick has nothing to do with male private parts, or female parts for that matter. It doesn't neccesarily mean that the user of the gay stick is actually gay
That emo kid uses a gay stick to straighten his bangs.
by riley girl February 20, 2008
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i'm not entirely sure, but i guess it most likely means a gay man's penis, or possibly a dildo. presumably it could mean any sort of stick which goes into someone of a gay sexuality? I don't really know.
Well, seeing as i don't know the definition, i don't really think i'm going to come up with an example. I may get back to you at some point.
by LordBlunkey July 22, 2004
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