Hey Fran ! It’s October 18th , go give the rat a high five !
by Vinnyismyman❤️ October 17, 2019
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National hangout with you boyfriend/girlfriend day
Bro want to hang out today?

I can’t it’s October 18th
by oycoycotxtxotx October 16, 2019
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A day for all those special hoes out there to finally celebrate their parents’ weak pullout game.
An October 18th Poem

It’s my birthday
it’s a great day

Tom Holland told me that he’s not gay
but he let me do him anyway.

And I know you might not believe that Tommy would go for me
but he became a hoe for me

And let me just say
he loved going low for me
by UrbanThesaurusaurusRex October 19, 2019
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