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A word used to describe ex Leicester City and England Centre Back, Harry Maguire
Man 1- Hey you know that slabhead geezer?
Man 2- Nah what about him?
Man 1- I hear he's a right twat
by TheCommunistFly February 19, 2020

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A football club based around the world, most likely Sunderland, and consists of many famous Nonces in the world, including Winger/Midfielder Adam Johnson
P1: You see that bloke over there?
P2: what about him?
P1:He plays for FC Nonce he does
P2: thanks for telling me, i'll keep my kids away from him
by TheCommunistFly March 05, 2020

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Hes a nonce. With a 1mm clit.
Hamye do be a noncey boy
by TheCommunistFly March 05, 2020

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A pussyfaggot is someone (or something) that is of the gay agenda and also a quivering fucking pussy. The term can also be applied to video game characters
Cameroon: Hey joj guess what
Joj: what now?
Cameroon: your a pussyfaggot.
Joj: oh fuck offfffff
The big ham: *laughs in white*
by TheCommunistFly March 12, 2020

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A topic once joked about by Bo Burnham, recollecting on how his mother told him about gay sex
Gay Love-Two men strip down, snuggle up to one another in bed and SHIT ON THE BIBLE
by TheCommunistFly February 29, 2020

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Joj is a 30 chinned nonce who lives in the shitty city of Wolverhampton, located in the West Midlands. He drives around in a white van hunting children down to give to Adam Johnson when he gets out of the clink
Cameroon: hey you see that van there?
Hamye: ye what about it?
Cameroon: i think the great Joj drives it, lookin for kids to touch
by TheCommunistFly March 05, 2020

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