seing as a requirement of being emo is being bisexual
gay emo is a rundundant phrase
by DrAwesome November 18, 2006
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A person or persons depressed about being homosexual.
Hey, how come Josh is acting so depressed?

Rumor has it that he found out that he's gay.

Ouch.. emo and gay.. he's a gay emo.
by Sephey February 9, 2007
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emo's are gay!
no one likes them
they want to be chavs but we wont let them cos theres no room in are ford GTs! init
- your emo
- no im not
- oh, im sorry, ur emo and gay!
- yep thats right im a gay emo
by the chav August 5, 2006
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A gay emo who is actually a fag..may be refered to Any gay emo..fag

Dude: Shut up dumbass That's not a Fag its a gay emo fag now SUCK MY DICK

Fartless anus:Yeah massterr
by Gabrielcaramel April 17, 2010
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marilyn manoson
aka darren the gay emo sitting nex to me
by not a metro March 3, 2009
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This basically describes Mat, he is super gay, a emo wannabee, and he is a faggot!
Oh my god! I woke up this morning and i am gonna be bulimic and my girlfriend is gonna get hit by a car. Maybe i'll find a new girl friend on the internet!
by hahahahahah December 23, 2004
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A common characteristic of an Emo boy. The fashion of an emo has some similarities to a gay but many emo boys are in fact bisexual or gay. Peoples opinions of Emo boys kissing saying they do this just because of publicity is ridiculous as many gay teenagers turn to the emo stereotype because of the emo community being free of prejudices. As a gay teenager you have a lot of soul searching and a troubled time and may become depressed this is also how they are most suited into an emo culture.
Emo1: Why does that emo boy look happy?
Emo2: Probably because he is holding hands with that other emo boy!
Emo1: oh I see, he is an emo gay, why does that make him happy though
Emo2: might be becuase he has found himself.
by calp90 May 14, 2006
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