Gath is a shortened version of gathering which is a small party of people. Usually between 10-35 people, and hopefully with alcohol or weed flowing freely.
James: Hey Rach want to goto Smith's gath this friday?
Rach: Def
by falkinor March 1, 2006
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short for gathering. about 10-35 people-ish, usually in a park or at someones house.
"r u coming to sarahs gath at ___ park friday?"
by averagedeftonesenjoyer June 8, 2021
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a metal head, ridiculous metal head, feat. puffy hair
steven "maaaaaaaaaan, that's only gonna burn the paper! let me take it home!"

Mike "steve, you're a crazy gath."
by Alilan July 5, 2006
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-A character from League of Legends, very badass.
-Spend his free time creeps and chomping champions in half.

aka going Cho' Gath
-to bite someone with the intention of eating them whole to make them feel less important or weak.
-being a total badass, and walking your surly fatass around while fear mongering everyone else.

-one mean motherfucker
-a fat dude who can kick your ass.
Hey dude stop playing as Cho' Gath your fucking me up.

Adam, Tammy just went Cho' Gath a bit a plug out of Katherine's neck.

God look at John he is so fat!!! Oh yeah well I heard he is a real Cho' Gath I mean he rolled Alex, the star quarterback, in the dirt yesterday after school.
by Jokertech August 29, 2011
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when a female gives a man with a "chode" penis, oral sex, and also inserting the entire testicle sack into her mouth, wile also inserting her fist into the mans anus
justin- "dude, dillions baby sister just gave me a Chode-Gath!"

Chase- " bro, that means you got a chode. and his sister is like 3 dude!"

Dillion- "D': my sisters a whore?"
by flushy121 June 4, 2011
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An abbreviation of the far superior full-length 'Gathering'. Most commonly used by individuals who earn $14.5 per hour, social butterflies, slackers or homoerotic matronomous'.
Chad 1: "Hey Chad 2, slacker had a gathering the other day, she called it a 'gath'..."

Chad 2: "Oh, that's sad, she must get payed less than minimum wage hourly."
by snucc March 25, 2022
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