New Zealand slang for a homemade bong generally made from an empty bottle and a hose.
Steve: We can't blaze I don't have my bong
Lance: nah all good I've got an empty gatorade bottle we can make a gat
by Swagzeplin June 26, 2015
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Street lingo for guns and or weapons.
"Nigger, gimmer my damn money, crack dont come easy these days. Dont make me bust a cap, I got ma gat raght here boy."
by Tony Ramone July 12, 2005
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contrary to the popular belief the the word gat comes from the prohibition era, the actuall word "gat" comes from the name of Richard Gatling. Richard gatling, in the mid1 18- late 1800's, designed the original Gatling gun, a 6-10 barreled rotary weapon that used a hand crank to turn the barrels, load a cartridge from a magazine located above the firing mechanism, and fire the gun. this weapon inspired others such as Hiram Maxim to develop the Maxim '08 with the two most common calibers be 7.92mm mauser and .303 enfield. this gun also also inspired the 7.62mm minigun and GAU-8 30mm cannon. since modern machine guns, both multi barreled and single barreled derive their origins in the gatling gun. over the years the word gat has come to mean any self loading semi auto or full auto weapon. (handgun or machine gun.
get your gat, lock and load, we're going to war.
by Fitzy7990 December 24, 2008
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Guns and pistols is gats

-Big L "Ebonics"
by AC June 03, 2003
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The General Agreement on the Trade in Services. This treaty of the World Trade Organisation entered effect in 1995 as a result of the Uruguay round of negotiations. It was created to extend multilateral trading systems to cover services as well as goods.
1: Hey guys! Don't discriminate against my providing services in your country!
2: Aha! Eat tariffs! My domestic service industry has an unfair advantage now!
1: GATS will protect me!
2: Oh god the GATS why me
by enjoyment December 04, 2007
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