Slang word used for drinking or underage drinking in Tralee
are u going gatting bah?

do you ever go gatting?

wanna go gatting saturday?
by martin o shea September 03, 2007
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Irish word meaning drinking an alcoholic beverage! It is the general pastime of most teenagers in ireland!lol
gat=alcoholic drink
1st person: "Come gatting tonight by willa?"
2nd person: "Aright so by."
by xxkrissxx September 07, 2007
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A firearm, usually a pistol or open-bolt submachinegun, used for busting "caps" into someone/something's
"punk ass."
"That hater talked mad trash about me, so I pulled out my gat and busted a few hollow tips up in his fat ass"
by Nima April 01, 2004
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Any gun is a GAT / GATS.
I'm gunna pull out my GAT and bust the cap on u
by FooMugT July 27, 2004
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Slang for a Fire arm. Originally developed by mafiosi in the Prohibition era to refer to their thompson submachine guns, but is now adopted to refer to any gun, and is usually used in the urban areas and in the rap community
Early 1900's - It's the heat, grab me the gat.
Today - Yo ima take ma gat and cap a sucka...
by Cashmoney May 16, 2006
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