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verb (Online, MMORPG usage)
1. To kill another player using a group of players
2. To kill another player using any means that places the played to be killed at a substantial disadvantage.

Widely popularised following the success of World of Warcraft, the word "gank" comes from "gang kill", used in earlier MMORPGs like Ultima Online. A gang kill occurs when a group (or gang) of players attack a single one and kill him/her with relative ease.

The meaning has now extended to any player kill where the killed player had little chance to avoid death.
"I was ganked by a level 60 horde"
"You had no chance to avoid that rogue! Ganked!"
by Donal July 31, 2006

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Irish Origin; means 'car'
Here lads check out my new 'Jammer'
by Donal June 01, 2004

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(noun) A male homosexual. One who "acts from the back".
Origin: Irish slang, particularly rural.
"Look at the tight jeans on that backactor."
"I hear young O'Reilly is a backactor."
by Donal May 07, 2005

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An attempt to combine gee and wank to form a more obscene expletive. Native to Dublin, Ireland.
This is a pile of geewank.
My face is on fire! Geewank!
by Donal January 07, 2005

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When you type any thing on your key borad for no reason also when you add or mis spell words.
i made a typexzing on my bok reort.
by Donal January 22, 2004

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The back wash of spit left in a can, which you then give some one. Ends
Hey man want spits of my coka-cola.
by Donal January 22, 2004

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The last bit of a can or bottle that you give to someone. also know as spits.
Hey dude want enda
by Donal January 22, 2004

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