To take something for free, either with or without someone's permission.
Hey dude, can I gank one of your beers?

-Sure man, go ahead I got plenty.

Who the fuck ganked all my beers?
by Doba July 02, 2004
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1. To steal or claim something as your own(verb)

2. To defeat, claim victory over, or kill(verb)
1:"Yo man, I straight up ganked this bitch's stereo while she was catchin' a nut!"
"Soon as the pigs look away imma gank they ride man, know what i'm sayin?"

2:"Ay man, gank that motherfucka with that 44. ice cold!"
"Dumb punk mothafucka! Don't fuck with me unless you lookin' to get ganked bitch!"
by Turnpike.20 November 09, 2018
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a person with loser-like qualities who does strange things and is very self conscious
i just tripped over my shoe strings i'm such a gank
by theofficialgank February 02, 2015
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To kill someone in a massively multiplayer rpg, usually by dishonorable methods. Used extensively in World of Warcraft.
Playerx: "Oh man, that rogue totally just ganked me in STV!"
by Matt Gronke June 21, 2005
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1) To filch (presumably a portmanteau of "grab" and "yank").

2) To playerkill in an MMORPG.

3) To insult or slander.
"I ganked a bag of chips out of the break room."

"Why do his characters keep getting ganked?"
"Beats me."

"I don't have any proof yet...but I think Brent has been ganking me."
by Qit February 25, 2004
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(v) To Gank: The artistic stealing of an urban person's works. These arts incluse rap music lyrics, spray painted symbols on urban exteriors, and hoes. But primarily spray painted symbols.
Ex: 1
Brad: Wow! That's a really nice spray paint work, Chapelle!
Chapelle: Yup, took me four hours to make.
Brad: How about that? *smacks Chappele over the head with a baseball bat then signs his name on the artwork*
Ya'll just got ganked, bitch!

Ex: 2
Tom: Hey Gary, those sure are some slick ass rap lyrics!
Gary: Yeah, I ganked em' off of some guy in accounting.
Tom: Pwnt lulz

by Nick Lowers May 29, 2008
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