a rare drug taken to metabolise into GHB which can cause similar effects to alcohol.
tastes like paint stripper
Person 1: want some GBL
Person 2: i think ill have a fruit bag
by realtackshooter August 2, 2023
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The Go Battle League in Pokémon Go. A feature that was introduced in January 2020 where one can play 3v3 PVP matches against competitive, online opponents. Players are typically limited to 25 matches per day, but this limit can increase for special events.
Friend: How did you do in GBL today?

Pokémon GO Addict: It was terrible! I only went 9-16 today!
by MathWizard534 April 8, 2022
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Gambled But Lost: You think it's a fart, but it's not.
Dude! I just had a GBL. I need to go change my underwear AND my pants.
by James Meeker September 17, 2006
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Genuine Belly Laugh, Can be instead of LOL in times of extreme Hilarity
That was some funny Sh*t GBL, There will be lots of GBLs
by bigboybunsie October 6, 2010
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A ghetto belt loop. One that has detached from either the top or bottom but is still on the pair of pants.
"Dude check out that girls pants"-Ben T
"Haha ya nigga she got a GBL"- Ben K

by hahamaine March 5, 2009
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Gang Been Live” aka GBL is a community of Goats who just want to enjoy life in the FRESHEST way possible!
Woahh He got that sh*t on! Must be GBL!”

“Have you seen that GBL drop?!?!”
by Caxh December 12, 2022
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