'Get that shit out' is an expression, usually out of annoyance, similar to gtfo. However, it can be used indirectly, towards objects for example. It is also used to show dominance over a thing.

Credit can go to a young man named Sam S. for inventing the term.
A basketball player goes up for a slam dunk, and another player knocks the ball out of his hand while yelling, "Get that shit out!" Thus it is refering both to the basketball and to the player's attempt at scoring.

A waiter brings you something that you didn't order, you can simply say, "Get that shit out," in a Mr. T voice.

You can say "Get that shit out," as you throw an object off a cliff in rage.
by Drüd September 2, 2008
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When something means nothing for you or disturb you, and you don't want it near of you. Sometimes can be use in a funny way.
I hate it, get that shit out of here!

or I don't like it, get that shit out of here
by hourminutes July 12, 2014
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When someone beats you up so bad that you are bloodied, unable to stand without help, and barely conscious.
Roy: Did you know Cody said you're gonna be getting the shit beat out of you when you show up to practice?

Brice: I think I'll be the one beating the shit out of that fucker!
by Nel the wicked October 26, 2006
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