Athletes are gameplayers who play sports games.
Sports are a bunch of gameplayers that play tons of games
by UnHeaven Kevin October 28, 2019
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a gay teenager who constantly refutes that he is gay, often by screaming like a mental retard
He lost a match of Call of Duty so he Gameplayered himself.
by FluffyTG August 25, 2019
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a gay teenager that is friends with killer,that constantly gets offended if the word gay is used
by FluffyTG August 25, 2019
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To have a better understanding in a video game than somebody else. Thus, playing the game better than anyone else.
If you and your friend have been playing tony hawk games since the beginning and he still always loses, you have a higher gameplayism level then he does.
by Artist Unknown December 17, 2005
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When you see an immense faggot.
When you accuse someone of being Fortnite Gameplayer, he can't roast you back, because it's supernaturally powerful.
G "Hello, can I please-"

You "Nah u Fortnite Gameplayer!"
G "No u" *cry* *cry*
by Anonymous Luntik April 23, 2019
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