Something we never get in Computer Applications.
"Today I tried to play a game, but Evan turned off my computer. He said, "this is not gameday."
by Evan January 18, 2005
The art of setting donkey work and all other tedious work aside to browse the internet, draw on, and partake in the event of playing games, or game-like activities.
Frank, "Yo Evan, wanna get a taco out after school?"

Evan, "No, it's gameday!"
by Various sources January 20, 2005
A raunchy, fishy, and sticky vagina after a female attends an outdoor sporting event. Especially in hot/humid weather after she has been tailgating and walking around all day.
After tailgating in the hot sun all day my girlfriend worked up a serious gameday box. I went down on her, it was like opening up a hot grilled cheese sandwich....yumm
by WetWilly69 August 4, 2013
The term former ESPN personality Dan Patrick has coined to get his fan base to hold up his likeness or show references to his current radio show on posters during ESPN's College GameDay.
Let's support the Dan Patrick Show and Occupy GameDay this Saturday when it broadcasts from Eugene, Oregon.
by Mac Heath October 12, 2011
Day of a sport event. Preferably an event, involving some form of a ball.

The day of a basketball game, football game or soccer game, etc. are referred to as Game day.
Gameday (Sports), Day of game, Game day
by Unbeat May 12, 2012
Using casual stereotypical nomenclature to describe an event where drinking was involved; usually in a public setting.
One person is retelling a story about getting drunk on a gameday with friends, with all explitives and racist terms used then repeated now, while there is a hot chick who is of that race standing ten feet away from you.
You then point at them, laugh, and say "Gameday racist".
by Naradana March 19, 2009
Greg: Damn son, y'all see that gameday betty at the party?

Brandon: Shit yeah.
by Atreidius November 13, 2015