Wall st:


Wall st named after a wall that ran across Manhattan separating the indians and country folks from the city people. It’s also the place where bankers gathered to separate the naive from what was truly valuable and leave them shinny, cheep, trinkets and or a wide variety of magic tricks and promises .

As they say, the names, places, and costumes change ( something along those line ) but the play remains the same; in deed with Wall st. The play is the same, but where you once had drunken Shakespearian actors on intermission from the galas in the park fleecing the dim witted for sport and amusement; you have today the anti social branch of the cities collective , unofficial , madhouse filled to the brim psychiatric marvels who manage to retain the ability to calculated even if it’s often quite creative and often bizarre. I should also mention their ability of magic is quite intact and relished .
Usage :

John: “Bill, have you ever noticed that when you use the ATM on Wall st weird things happen”?

Bill: “Oh, you mean when the ATMs eat your money and there never seems to be a record.”

John: “Exactly! .... and how the always have those new machine that always seem to be out of receipt paper.”

Bill ; “Exactly!...... and how they always seem to malfunction and how the young tellers always seemed to be befuddled and can never find a manager and or the manager are always either on vacation in The Camon island or at a banking convention in Atlantic city
by Republahater June 02, 2012
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