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a suburb of washington, dc. located inbetween rockville, darnestown, olney and germantown, right in the middle of montgomery county, the 3rd most affluent county in the US. voted 17th best place to live in the entire united states by money magazine and cnn online in 2005. notorious for being "ghetto" and de-SPIC-able, it's actually very weathly. the median household income is over $80,000 (more than twice the national average and more than both germantown and olney). less urban than rockville, older than germantown and less rich than bethesda, it's not that bad if you don't live in/near montgomery village or directly off of 355(where you will either be pulled over, arrested, and/or shot). BTW ZIP CODE 20878 + 20850 YOU LIVE IN GAITHERSBURG NOT NORTH POTOMAC. four high schools in the city: gaithersburg, watkins mill, marguder and quince orchard. gaithersburg is ghetto and basically an immigration officer's wet dream, some very wealthy people that live about an hour away in laytonsville also attend (retarded boundry lines), watkins mill is full of semi-wealthy yet trashy white people (especially around neelsville) and really ghetto black people, quince orchard's full of rich white and even richer minorities who SWEAR they live in north potomac and darnestown, when really they live in gaithersburg and rockville. finally magruder is full of gays in plays, and really hardcore druggies and crack whores (thankfully most of them live in rockville too) but is actually the most normal of all nearby schools in terms of academics and athletics.
bethesda guy: where do you live?
gburg dude: gaithersburg
bethesda guy: fuck dude, sorry.
gburg dude: it's ok, at least i don't live in germantown or....cringe... frederick.
by @ ghs but do not belong here. September 9, 2005
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gaithersburg is a small suburb in maryland for mostly poor people. you find mostly blacks and latino's. the high schools are full of shooting's and drugs. most people live in townhomes or apartments. places to go? mcdonalds,duh! your car? one of those shitty ones that have smoke comming out the back. most people who live there dont do well in school. even if you used to livve there and moved, you are scared for life.
Black guy: so you got anything to do?
Latino: smoke, drive around... or we could shoot people for fun!
Black guy: that will be fun, wont the cops bust us?
Latino: in Gaithersburg? NEVER! hahahaha
by Gburg April 30, 2005
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One of four major towns in El Salvador that are physically located in Montgomery County, Maryland. (The other El Salvadoran cities in Montgomery County are Wheaton, Takoma Park, and Germantown.)
San Salvador is a city in El Salvador, just like Gaithersburg.
by Emilio Gonzalez March 3, 2006
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A city that has a town inside of a little city (Old Towne). It runs from one side of 124 to the other side of 124. The important neighborhoods run from Towncrest to Spiceberry. Where everybody go see ICC on a Saturday. Where Wale from. Where everyone knows each other. Where clubs get shut down because your fighting your next door neighbor. Where everybody know a hustler that's still on the block at age 40 with no career goals, but nickelin an dimin. Where FB, Twitter, & Myspace is our only forms of communication. Where we still beef with them 612, LP niggas and they right next to us. Where enemes drink with each other. Where all the females realized too late there were sexier men in DC. Where all the men still swear they still got it, and gettin money!
Gaithersburg is where your babyfather then messed with your bestfriend, friend, cousin, neigbor, sister .... You get the point!!!
by 124Hunniez March 14, 2011
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best town in mo county. its like a chunk of prince georges county fell into the middle of stuck up rich mo county to keep it fresh. most everbody smokes weed n its real laid back. the parties are great. its also by far the most ethnically diverse area of mo county (maybe even maryland). jus watch out at night. not too many people get shot but u prolly get robbed so stay with your crew. also dont fuck with MS-13 they run most of the show around here.
Snob 1: Oh no, we just crossed into Gaithersburg.
Snob 2: (Shits pants)
by BuddahLovahz March 9, 2010
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Best city in the world. Gaithersburg high school is the place to be.

Gaithersburg, MD
"Gaithersburg is the king of moco."
by Gaithersburg April 24, 2009
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basically some flocking kid who spams gore on snapchat, wears shitty clothes, and calls white kids "puto gringo" in the bathroom. Has no sense of morals or general direction.
why would you even send that?

ah hes a gaithersburg chanchi
by yourlocalrealest May 12, 2020
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