A person from the nation of El Salvador. A person 100% Salvadoran and does not believe in interracial involvement. A genuinely proud person of El Salvador that is knowledgeable of both his heritage and history of El Salvador. A person not subject to be brainwashed or persuaded to think in any other form but his own, and a person who's actions are almost always proceeded by first thinking of how it would reflect on his people. A person TRUE to his roots whether born in a foreign land or domestic. A person of El Salvador in every sense of the word.
He's not just from El Salvador but he's Salvadoran.
by SoCalSalv19 March 2, 2010
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While having sex with a woman and she upsets you while using a condom pull out and insert your member in a cup of salt and reinsert back into the woman forcefully.
Me and Jess were booking up and she pissed me off so I gave her a Salvadoran sandcastle... Haven’t talked to her since.
by 1LoKota October 25, 2020
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A disease that originated from El Salvador that causes the sufferer to fall on the ground and start erratically convulsing and vibrating. The movements look like someone trying to do the worm and that is where the name comes from.
My doctor prescribed me medicine to help stop my Salvadoran Dancing Worms Disease.
by SootGremlin August 31, 2019
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The syndrome is in swine and causes great pain to the animal in which a parasite in the pig’s stomach eats it’s stomach lining. This causes the infected to let out a ‘holler’ that is loud and can last for a few minutes or hours. The parasite eats the stomach until stomach acid spills out onto the rest of the organs, tearing through them and killing the swine.
My pig has Salvadoran hollering pigs syndrome. I’m going to have to put her down before it causes her even more pain.
by SootGremlin September 2, 2019
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In native El Salvador there is many diseases, one of which is the infamous Salvadoran screaming monkey flu. It is known to induce rampant seminal discharge and hormone difficulties, it is estimated that one out of 6 people catch it at some point in their lifetime
I just got Salvadoran screaming monkey flu, darn
by Ayalanews89 August 31, 2019
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