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Crap-hole filled with lazy pregnant whores and Slim Shady wanna-be's. Every girl over the age of 16 either has a kid or is pregnant and every white boy thinks he's all gangsta.

Home of the laziest shit fucks to every grace God's good Earth. If you start a business here, you better outsource your labor or hire illegal immigrants, because these people are lazy, pot smoking, shit-birds.

You might think since all the women do is get pregnant, that it would be easy to get laid but these Gaithersburg women are two-baggers at best...really just some ugly tattooed fuck-ups. Save yourself the frustration and just shoot yourself in the head before moving to Gaithersburg.
I love Gaithersburg, MD...It's like living in a giant trailer park. - Bob Goldberg
by Bob the Hatchet May 06, 2011
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